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Cambridge Ontario


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Did You Know?


 The plant is located in Cambridge, Ontario. Here’s a brief overview—by the numbers.



That’s the year North Assembly opened for business and Corolla production moved from the original (now “South”) plant. Since TMMC started production, we’ve manufactured more than 3,000,000 Corollas.


That’s the number of Corolla generations we’ve manufactured since 1988. The current Corolla model now perfectly holds an extra large Canadian “double-double” coffee in the cup holder and has floor pedals that fit North American shoes (size 10.5 men’s winter boots to be exact), thanks to a Canadian TMMC engineer who spent a year in Japan helping to evolve the vehicle design.


That’s the number of total quality checks that each vehicle produced in the North Plant will undergo as it makes it way along various assembly lines. Some checks—such as chisel checks and fit & finish inspections—are performed by Team Members. Others are carried out by state-of-the art lasers that test for dimensional accuracy. These checks are a critical aspect of Toyota’s philosophy of “built in quality” at each step of production.


That’s the number of Corolla vehicles produced daily on the lines of the North Plant. It’s a complex operation made possible by highly trained Team Members and the just-in-time timing of the Toyota Production System.


That’s the number of parts the 21 presses in the Press Shop stamp out each day. To make those parts requires over 100 metric tonnes of steel. The dies that perform the ‘cuts’ weigh from 2 to 29 metric tonnes. Those dies will go up and down 172,148 times each day as they produce 216 different parts. In a testament to TMMC’s environmental commitment, not one piece of metal scrap goes to scrap. It is all collected, recycled, and reused.


Give or take a few, that’s the number of parts that Team Members bring together in order to complete just one Corolla. All together, Team Members may handle over 1.7 million parts in a single day. The rest are brought daily, in as many as 135 daily trailer loads—each load arriving just hours before the parts are required on the production lines.



The TMMC logo was created in 1987 and trademarked in 1989. It is symbolic in many different ways. The stylized “C” on the left and “J” on the right symbolize Canada and Japan, facing each other and forming a peak together that is higher than both. It is symbolic of Toyota’s philosophy of mutual trust between team members and the company, the only route to mutual prosperity and progress.






































Grand River & City Scenes

BridgeMixed shots taken in the heart of Cambridge, Ont. Located by the Grand River, Cambridge offers a wonderful mix of nature and historic architecture.  More

Speed River Millpond & Dam

Guy SmilingSpeed River Mill Pond Dam: Early summer views of Jacob’s Landing, the Silknet Dam, Hesepler Mill Pond and the Speed River.



Riverside Park

Happy WomanRiverside Park: The largest park in Cambridge, Riverside Park in Preston encompasses 102 hectares (256 acres) and is situated beside an 1890 millpond on the Speed River


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